GeekVape Ammit 22mm RTA Rebuildable Atomizer Legit

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The Geek Vape Ammit RTA is the latest introduction to the highly appraised rebuildable segment from Geek Vape, designed to be an extremely effective platform with the integration of the innovative Three-Dimensional Airflow System and creative two-post design that caters to single-coil configurations. The Ammit RTA measures 22mm in diameter, implementing a convenient threaded top-fill system for the 3.5 milliliter juice reservoir that works in tandem with the wicking system. Built similarly as the Griffin 25 Plus, the wicking system features two massive entry ports milled directly into the deck, decreasing wicking downtime while simultaneously creating a back-pressure based system for rapid saturation of cottons. The build deck features a unique two-post, single terminal configuration, accommodating single coil configurations in a user-friendly orientation. The coil leads are laid into the terminal hole, secured vertically via a flathead Phillips screws for an easy mounting method while also ensuring a tight and consistent fit. The pinnacle of achievement lies within the design of the airflow channels, as Geek Vape engineered the industry’s first Three-Dimensional Airflow System. Airflow has been specifically positioned to enter the chamber through the base of the tank, meeting at the central point of the chamber before dispersing through two internal air channels. The first air channel lies directly beneath the coils, featuring two air tubes that travels upwards for a direct-to-coil effect. The other air channel is constructed with a slanted airflow direction, implementing three airslots to provide a unique vapor-orientated setting unlike any other rebuildable platform. Optimizing upon the elite performance systems of Geek Vape to create a perfect combination of innovative and user-friendly functionalities, the Ammit RTA is the premiere single-coil rebuildable system.

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