SMOK TF-R2 Single Coil RBA Head for TFV4 Tank Legit

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TF-R2 Single Coil RBA Head for TFV4 Tank Legit

You love your Smok TFV4 sub-ohm tank – and who wouldn’t? – and you love the variety of Kanthal replacement coils, but sometimes you’re looking for something more. Sometimes it’s not enough to let someone else do the job for you: sometimes you want to pick up your tools and do the job yourself. Introducing the Smok TFV4 TF-R2 RBA coil unit: the convenience and airflow of the Smok TFV4 tank, but with the power of rolling your own coils!

The Smok TF-R2 RBA coil unit has a stainless steel housing for corrosion protection. It deals handily with air and liquid flow: four large air intake holes below the coil threading bring air in, two large airflow slots in the base of the deck bring air past your coils, and four liquid intake channels feed through the threads and up into the deck.

This doesn’t just come as a bare deck, either: the kit includes organic cotton to get you started wicking, and comes with two pre-built Kanthal coils with a combined resistance of 0.25 ohm, plus two more extra identical coils to keep you going past the first two! On top of all that, you also get a couple extra screws and an extra silicone o-ring.

Smok brings the convenience of a tank: you bring the power of your own coils!

Prices above are for single rebuildable coil deck, not a five pack.


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