UD Wire Spool Stopper

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UD Wire Spool Stopper

  • Elastic ribbon.
  • Plastic top with wire hole.

Every DIY vaper loves his or hers wire.
Nothing beats getting a new spoole in all it’s tidyness and carefully wound wire.
However, trouble starts when we try to cut off a piece of wire and the whole roll turns into one diabolic mess on your desk.

This wire stopper helps you regain control of your wire.
It is simple to use: Place the adjustable elastic ribbon tight around your new wire coil, stick the end of the wire out through the hole in the plastic top and Shazam! You’ll never get a messed up wire coil again!

When you need a piece of wire, simply grab the wire, pull the length of wire you need through the hole and cut it off.
Everything stays in place and your wire coil remains just as tight as when it came from the factory.

Control your wire. Do not let it control you!

Purchase is for

  • 1 x UD wire stopper

*Purchase is for the UD Wire stopper only. Wire is sold separately


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